All products knitted and hand-finished in Italy

MANTUA’s knitwear is crafted exclusively by A.F. S.n.C. di Alberini Paolo & Carlo Alberto from their same family operation in Gonzaga, just south of Mantova, where they have been designing and knitting exceptional quality, limited production ranges of cashmere, merino, cotton, silk and linen garments for more than 50 years.

MANTUA’s products are all exclusively crafted in Italy, and nowhere else in the world. We stand behind and believe in the quality of Italian products and we are proud that our products bear the “Made in Italy” mark of quality.

While the goats, and their fine coats, may not be from Italy, the cashmere yarns, like the merino yarns in our knitwear are all spun here by the finest purveyors of fibres and fabrics in the garment industry. Our suppliers of choice - Filatura Papi Fabio and Baruffa have celebrated over 125 years and 160 years of history serving the global fashion and textile industry respectively

With their help we are able to identify, select and offer only the very finest yarns to incorporate in our designs, providing clothing of the highest comfort, warmth and softness and exhibiting a grace and elegance that is not only felt on the skin, but visible in the knit.

We are confident that you will recognise and appreciate in MANTUA, the very essence of Italian luxury.

All products knitted and hand-finished in Italy


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